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All absentee bids sent to Janzen Auction are submitted with the following understanding:


  1. Bids are executed in competition with the audience on an alternate basis as if person was present at the auction and their purchase will be obtained at the lowest bid possible. Due to uncertainties of bidding, a lot may sell to the audience for the same amount authorized by the absentee bid. To avoid this possibility, the bidder may authorize Janzen Auction to increase their bid by an increment by placing a (+) sign beside the bid price.

  2. Absentee bids are confidential and bidding will not commence with the highest absentee bid.

  3. The bidder agrees to be bound by Janzen Auction's standard bidder registration agreement. A copy will be forwarded at request. All items are sold AS IS, WHERE IS!

  4. Janzen Auctioneers do not guarantee the year, condition, description or suitability of any item.

  5. Bidder acknowledges that the Absentee bid is accepted on the express condition that the bidder will not have any claim against the auctioneer or its employees if the auctioneer fails, for any reason, to bid on behalf of the bidder.

  6. Successful bidders will be called by the morning after the auction with bid information unless specific arrangements are made with the auction company.

  7. Janzen Auctioneers appreciates the time you take to participate in our auctions and we will do everything possible to submit your absentee bid. However, there are no guarantees - just our "best effort" promise!

  8. Absentee bid must be received 24 hours in advance of auction.

  9. All absentee bids will have a purchase fee of 2% of purchase price, with a maximum of $500.00 per successful lot.

  10. Minimum acceptable bid on any one item or lot is $50.00.


Your request for Absentee Bid has been successfully submitted.

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